Transformation Maturity Profiler

How well prepared is your organization to transform and succeed in the beyond digital age?
Take the Transformation Maturity Profiler and find out.

Organizations need to transform to remain relevant and to navigate the ways in which competitive advantage and value creation have changed in the beyond digital era.

Through years of in-depth research into successful organizations across many industries and the world, we have identified seven leadership imperatives that companies must follow to transform their organizations and shape the future. Published in our recent book Beyond Digital (Harvard Business Review Press, 2022), these imperatives form the basis of some of the world?s most remarkable transformation success stories.

Curious about how prepared your organization is to face the challenges of the beyond digital age and whether your current transformation efforts will be enough for success? Find out in minutes the maturity of your transformation efforts, and how you're doing against the seven leadership imperatives. Complete this short profiler to learn in which areas you are doing well, where you may need to do more, and how to start thinking about bridging the gap.

Simply select the answer that best describes your organization, or if you are unsure, just select your best guess. Results will be collected and may be reported in aggregate, but all individual responses will be kept strictly confidential.

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